Waltzing: Installation in Strukovsky Park

Univers: Contemporary art exhibition.

“Waltzing” is a metal sculpture consisting of 3 figures connected. The sculpture is dedicated to the battle of the Mokshan Infantry Regiment during the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905, in honor of which the waltz "On the Hills of Manchuria" by I. A. Shatrov was written. The installation is located in the center of the summer cinema zone of the Strukovky Park in the historical center of Samara, where promenade alleys intersect and the territory popular with the townspeople - a semicircular rotunda with an amphitheater, along which the main promenade runs. We imagined when the waltz “On the Hills of Manchuria” would be played during the concert, the orchestra would be on the stage, and the couples would waltz in a waltz on a circular square around the sculpture, and it would represent one of the frozen compositions in the dance. The selected silver metallic shade gives the figures a lightness and a sense of movement, to maximize the expression of the dance frozen in the air. The shape of abstract waltzing figures in the form of smooth surfaces turned in different directions symbolizes not only those who dance to a waltz, but also the power and will to victory of the Mokshan Infantry Regiment.

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