Embassy of Somalia in Paris

Embassy of Somalia in Paris: Refurbishments of a listed Haussmannian building

Univers: Contemporary art exhibition.

We are working from the existing Condition of the Somali Embassy in Paris to identified the potential refurbishment works to the Exterior and Interior of around 10 000m². We present case options for Architecture and Interior Design to improve public facing role of the embassy and to improve light quality, spatial flexibility and amenities for office spaces.

The building is located in the 16th arrondissement next to the Arche de Triomphe. Build in 1880, during the completition of the Hittorff's Masterplan of the 12 radial streets surrounding the Arc. The Architecture of the building was designed in the pure Haussmanian style in the mid to late 19th century to embody the renovation of Paris.

The methodology to engage a complete refurbishment is established around different themes and managed with a long term phasing: 1.Condition Survey - 2.Accessibility - 3.Sustainability - 4.Facade improvements - 5.Remodeling ground floor and public amenities - 6.Remodelling office spaces. Along the transformation process we ensure to meets the Somali Authorities security standards.

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