Apartement for Mrs O

Apartement for Mrs O: Giving space for warm details

Located in Samara, the one-bedroom apartment is spread across the top floor of a 10-storey residential building. Its owner – a young woman – had previously lived in a tiny and cluttered flat, so were keen for her new home to feel large and spacious. As a result, we have given the 90-square-metre apartment a largely open-plan layout where the bathroom is the only completely private area. To create a space which exudes calm and serenity inside the hustle of the city, we wanted to use a minimalist but warm decorative and furnishing style. To soften the appearance of the interior, which has been given a minimalist fit-out, we sought to incorporate some of the building's original quirks.Time-worn brick walls, concrete celling have been preserved. Surrounding surfaces have been freshened up with a simple coat of white paint.To enhance the feeling of the apartment being one large, continuous space, we wanted concrete celling to appear throughout the interior. We wanted to create a cosy and natural environment and make the living room different from the rest of the apartment.