Tempête à la plage

Tempête à la plage : Festival pavilion

The project Tempête à la Plage for the We Love Green Festival is an umbrella storm. Like a frozen catastrophe, he invites the festival-goer to become aware of this growing meteorological phenomenon sweeping the tropical coasts of the globe. Between the majesty of a ballet of parasols and the terror of a brutal tornado. Then the tornado falls without remorse on these desperate vacationers, escaping the clatter of folded metal and torn canvas, in a brutal dance they fly high to fall better. The parasol is part of the graphic language of a Pop Culture shared by this youth roaming summer festivals. Between the fantastic of Jacques Tatie's filmography and the seaside tranquillity of Massimo Vitali's photos. Parasols as a symbol of a consumer item torn from their gullible support by an unshakable storm.