Nomad : Discover parietal art all over the world

The project of the mobile museum of parietal art offers a set of selected representations of rock art from all continents. The works are presented in their own immersive spaces, allowing audiences from around the world to discover rock art. One of the main challenges is to imagine a mobile structure that could house the monumentality of the exhibition program. Most existing museum spaces cannot accommodate it and therefore transport it to several major cities around the world for years. The structure of the mobile museum must provide the possibility to see paintings and engravings from the life of our ancestors on the natural walls of their environment. These representations are known today as rock art served as the first form of communication to share ideas and observations from their eras. They used the surfaces of the caves as a canvas for their art, thus ensuring their conservation and protection. But it is now in remote places and because of the extremely fragile sites, only a small number of authorized archaeologists have been able to see these works.