Perrache Retrouvé Lyon Demain

Perrache Retrouvé Lyon Demain : New look of the Lyon Railway Station

The Railway station Lyon Perrache is a major hub of the Lyon metropolitan area. Today Perrache endures the reputation of a labyrinthine, hostile space, sucking in the flow of travellers, rejecting it elsewhere. The proposal to make Perrache a loving place takes the form of a chess game on an architectural scale. Taking up the structural framework of the corridor linking the exchange space to the SNCF station, he reinterprets the language of the cover, projecting the assembly pattern on the ground, creating the game board there. Each piece represents an iconic building of the Lyonnaise metropolis, from the Basilica of Notre Dame de Fourvière as Queen to the King Musée des Confluences. The project is therefore made up of 32 pieces, about 1m high, made of 25mm plywood, cut digitally and then assembled to recreate the iconic elements of the Lyon skyline.

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